How do I register as a buyer?

It’s easy. Click on register, type in and verify your e-mail address and create your profile. You can also register when receiving a screening invitation. You will be prompted to create a user name and password and this will enable you to access your screeners.

If you want to take full advantage of buyer privileges, you will have to register your company and provide more detailed information.

Why do I have to register my company?
As an online marketplace of vetted and trusted industry professionals, we encourage all users to associate themselves to an already registered company or to register their company on our site. All users and companies will be vetted for authenticity so you can be assured that they are representing legitimate organizations.
How do I request a screener?
Once you have conducted a title search, simply click on the REQUEST SCREENER button. Your request will be sent to the sales company, and they will be able to approve your request and send you a screener invitation.
Can I screen any title on the platform?
Screeners are requested individually, and access may be granted or denied by the Seller.
Why can’t I access a screening anymore?
There could be several reasons but it's most likely that your screening invitation has expired. We suggest contacting the user that initially invited you so you can have your authorization extended. Alternatively, you can contact us at
My screener is not playing. What should I do?
If you encounter any screening performance issues we suggest that you check our "Viewing Tips". If that doesn’t help resolve the issue, you can contact us by clicking on the "Report a problem" tab in your Screening Room.
Can I share my screening invitations with my colleagues?
Your credentials are private and intended for your use only. Sharing them would be in conflict with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of your registration. Your colleagues may register separate accounts and create their own credentials for participation on the platform.
I represent buyers for several different companies/territories. Can I screen for all?
Each member account will be associated to an email address and a member company. You may have multiple accounts associated with different companies as long as you provide separate email addresses and receive the required permissions from the corresponding company administrators.
How do I keep track of titles I am interested in?
It’s easy! From any Title page, you can click on the ADD TO TRACKING LIST button.
How do I know if a title is available in my territories?
The subscription to RightSearch™, our database of rights availabilities, allows you to check title availability for your vetted territories by clicking on the CHECK AVAILABILITY button on any Title page. You can also search titles by territory, platform, year, genre and more.

If you have additional questions not answered in our FAQs, please contact us at We appreciate your feedback.