The RightsTrade Market on Demand™ is a next-generation sales platform that provides you with innovative ways to promote your titles, reach out to thousands of vetted industry buyers and track leads with analytics on buyer activity.
Promote – List your titles in the RightsTrade Market on Demand™ to reach out to a growing community of thousands of buyers and generate leads.
Our revolutionary technology RightSearch™ allows you to get your available rights in front of vetted buyers.

Simply provide us with your files or DVDs and we will transcode and upload all your assets for you. You will also be able to migrate and sync your content metadata to our platform. For FilmTrack clients this process can actually be done in a day.
Screen – Invite buyers to your secure screening room and monitor who watches your titles.

Sending personalized screener invitations to your own contacts and to the thousands of vetted content buyers registered at RightsTrade is fast and simple: Select and click on the title(s) you want to send, set your security preferences, select an individual or group from your contacts, and send. You will also receive screener requests from vetted content buyers. Advanced security features not found on other screening platforms include date/time parameters, limitations on number of views, number of devices used and IP targeting. Your screening room will also have a personalized watermark for each different viewer.

You will get access to extensive analytics including data on viewer, date, and length of view, so you can follow up. RightScreen™ is accessible on nearly all browsers and devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPads…). You can import your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and Plaxo address books or from any Excel and Access files.

Sell – List and promote your titles to thousands of international distributors and close deals faster than ever before using our Deal Wizard.
Respond to inquiries from our community of vetted industry buyers, negotiate agreement terms and e-sign licensing deals in a fraction of the time.
Automate (coming soon) – Manage your metadata and avails from a single source and integrate the RightsTrade Market on Demand™ with your own website.
Automatically track leads, views and directly link your site to your screening room so you can add turnkey screening and avails promotion to your own website.
Sounds great! How do I get started?
Request a demo to learn about all of the solutions the RightsTrade platform can provide for your screening and sales activities.

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