What is the Market on Demand™?
The RightsTrade Market on Demand™ is an online marketplace for film, TV and digital media rights licensing that provides you with innovative ways to promote your titles, reach out to thousands of vetted industry buyers and track leads with analytics on buyer activity.
How do I know RightsTrade's buyers are real content buyers?
Buyers' company applications will be scrutinized through a vetting process that will check their identity and the accuracy of their company details and acquisition activities.

To this end, buyers are asked to verify their company’s professional credentials by listing some recent activity including any of the following:

  • Acquired titles
  • Companies acquired from
  • Territories acquired for
  • Film market accreditation
  • Other credentials or professional references
Where can I find detailed instructions for use of every feature of the RightsTrade marketplace?
We encourage you to read the Sellers Manual in your "Company Profile" menu, which has detailed explanations about how to use our platform. You can also contact us at with additional questions.
What is RightSearch™?

RightSearch™ is a revolutionary technology that will allow our community of vetted buyers to search for your title's available rights.

You will also be able to automatically generate your own title availability reports to assist your marketing and sales efforts.

RightSearch™ is already in private beta testing with select RightsTrade clients. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Why should I use this screening room?
There are other screening rooms in the market. We believe the RightScreen™ is the best solution for content sellers for several reasons:
  1. Quality - RightsTrade provides a high quality cloud-based platform; viewable on most major devices and browsers
  2. Security - Advanced security features assure that each screener is protected and traceable through personalized watermarks. You can also set date/time parameters, limitations on number of views, number of devices used and IP targeting.
  3. Analytics - View user activity to analyze data and follow up on sales/assess marketing expenses
  4. Integration - Tie in seamlessly with FilmTrack StarCM and Avails; integrate with Sales Management Tools and Sales Pipeline for greater flow to closing deals.
  5. Service - maintained by expert team of developers and industry professionals, responsive to user needs and requests.
How secure is the screening room?

To achieve the highest level of security possible, our backend security captures detailed information of each screener view. This information includes a unique user ID number, email address, device used, IP address and geo-targeting, allowing us to identify and trace every screening.

Our advanced security features also include watermarking of the buyer’s name across the screener, the size and placement of which can be preset by the sales company.

Our screening room is powered by Amazon S3, the leading web-services interface developed by Amazon Web Services to store and retrieve any data from the web. Amazon S3 is compliant with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) set of best practices for securely storing, processing, and delivering protected media and content.

You can read the Sellers Manual for a detailed explanation on how to configure security settings for your screening room.

How should I send you my video assets?

We will securely handle the transcode/upload process of your film from any format. In order to get started, contact us at and our client support managers will walk you through the asset delivery process.

If you already are a FilmTrack user you can also upload the files through the StarCM vault.

Can I invite buyers that are not registered at RightsTrade to watch my films?
Of course! You can invite any of your contacts to screen and they will be able to watch the screener by simply providing a username and password.
What if I forget to whom I’ve already sent screener invitations?
Your screener invitations are retained for you to search and explore. You will be able to filter searches by title, user, authorization and expiration dates. You can also edit invitations that have already been sent in order to revoke or extend the authorization.
Can I allocate screening costs per title?
You can easily generate a report of itemized screenings per title so you can use the information if you normally charge screener fees as part of your marketing budget.

FilmTrack Clients
What is FilmTrack?
FilmTrack is the leading cloud-based, SaaS, IP Management platform for the Media and Entertainment industry. RightsTrade's integration with FilmTrack allows us to offer turnkey onboarding to all FilmTrack clients, who can quickly sync their content metadata and rights availabilities to our online marketplace.
Do I need to send you my titles’ metadata if I am already a FilmTrack client?
That's not necessary. RighsTrade merges seamlessly with data and assets from your FilmTrack StarCM and Avails modules. We will bring over data from all fields included in your StarCM. You can chose to add or subtract fields from your mapping to RightsTrade. Contact us at any time at and we will be glad to walk you through this process.
Can I directly upload my titles from my FilmTrack account?
Yes. As long as you had previously uploaded your titles to your StarCM vault, we will be able to directly transfer the assets onto our platform. Contact us at to know more about how to transfer your video files to the RightsTrade platform.
Do I need to update my content availability both in FilmTrack and in RightsTrade?
Not at all. FilmTrack and RightsTrade are integrated so that any change in your avails is automatically updated in both platforms within 24 hours.

For additional information regarding the use of the RightsTrade platform, we encourage you to read the Sellers Manual in your "Company Profile" menu. You can also contact us at We appreciate your feedback.