Namaste_Season 3 
Bring beautiful, inspiring yoga home.
22 min
Exercise, Lifestyle
Namaste Yoga seasons three and four bring you the same premium at-home yoga experience as the first two seasons, with an emphasis on core alignment and balance. Viewers will enjoy an innovative teaching format enhanced by stunning visuals, soothing music, and authentic yoga sequences that will calm the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the soul. In seasons three and four, viewers will cultivate the space, strength, and stillness to stand in their ideal expression of tadasana, mountain pose. While tadasana appears to be a basic standing pose, it lies at the foundation of not only all other yoga poses, but of finding better alignment in all aspects of life. In an age where we spend too much time at computers and hunched over mobile devices, these 22-minute yoga sequences will help viewers stand tall and strong, like a mountain. Viewers will build core strength, open their chest and shoulders, and increase their balance and focus, giving them the tools to become better aligned in body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat. Seasons three and four were designed by master yoga teacher Erica Blitz. A Canadian-born resident of California, Erica has studied and practiced yoga since 1996 and has taught worldwide. Erica’s sequences are known for her emphasis on breath, physical alignment, and dynamic movement. The sequences that she created for Namaste Yoga follow this same style, promising to leave viewers challenged, energized, centered, and excited to tune in to each Namaste Yoga episode again and again....more