Foodiverse   (2018)
Grab your space helmet and blast off into a fantastical adventure set in a distant galaxy made entirely of food: the FOODIVERSE! When a maniacal super villain sets out to dominate the foodiverse, our heroes Miss Penny, a little dumpling, and her bestie Mr Podge, a tubby pork bun, are bound to embark on an intergalactic mission to save the homes they hold so dear.
Running Time:
Animation, Family
Chen Liaoyu
Xiang Hua
Chang Hongsong
Executive Producer(s):
Cui Wei
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In the mythical Universe of Foodies sits the Flour Planet. On this planet there lives a plucky young lady called Miss Penny, a traditional Chinese dumpling, complete with lucky coin lodged in her head, and her super-loyal best friend Mr Podge, a slightly portly steamed bun whose pants always seem to fall to the ground at the most inappropriate moments. During the planet’s annual carnival for all the interplanetary foodies, Miss Penny is selected by the carnival sponsor, the Instant Noodle company from the Eat-All Planet, to become its official spokesperson, catapulting her into instant celebrity, complete with an army of delicious devotees. But all is not well in the Foodiverse. Miss Penny’s fame has attracted the unwelcome attention of Super-Villain Mr Devour-All, a beast who resembles a Heston Blumenthal creation on steroids, with an insatiable appetite who wants nothing more than to fulfil his morbid desire for galactic domination. What results is a chase across the stars as Miss Penny is thrown into the centre of a power struggle that threatens the freedom and uniqueness of the Universe of Foodies and all who inhabit it....more