ATOMIC PUPPET (52X11') (2016)
Animation, Children 6-12
Carlos Diaz, David Huband, Eric Bauza, Heather Bambrick, Katie Griffin, Kristina Nicoll, Lisa Norton, Peter Oldring, Rick Miller, Rob Tinkler
Andy Coyle, Jeff Barker, Khalil Ben Naamane, Kyle Marshall
Brian Hartigan, Craig Martin, Eddy Fluchon, Evan Thaler Hickey, Jerome Erbin, Josh Saltzman, Kyle Marshall
Chantal Ling, Heath Kenny, Marc Dhrami, Thierry Rivard, Travis Williams
Clint Eland, Pierre Belaisch, Steven Wendland
Canada, France
This is the story of young Joey Felt’s transformation from SUPERFAN to SUPERHERO. When Joey’s favorite hero, Captain Atomic, is transformed into a super-powered puppet that can only be activated by his fist, Joey’s dreams of having superpowers of his own are realized. Captain Atomic wants to save the world, but he isn’t keen on having a partner! Together, Joey and Captain Atomic form an awkward and comedic duo striving to become the city’s greatest superhero team.
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