Steps to the Future_Eps 001 (2010)
Are We Alone in the Universe? Is there life on other worlds? Explore the vastness of the universe and the possibility of communication with other worlds. Using 3D imagery, leading scientists and researchers piece together the puzzles of the universe. Cosmic Hazards Could the earth really be destroyed by gamma rays, super volcanoes, magnetic pole reversals, and more? Traveling around the globe, we interview experts in geology and space, as we simulate the devastating effects of a collision with asteroids. The Hidden Side of the Brain What is the human brain capable of? New theories based on unique individuals with astounding brain-power to determine both the practical aspects and spiritual aspects of the potential we possess. What if We Could Live Forever? Is there really a fountain of youth? Explore the most cutting-edge genetic research. Featuring the story of Brooke Greenberg, a 17 year old girl who is trapped in the body and the mind of an infant, whose doctors, and parents, believe Brooke is God's gift to unlocking the aging process. UFO Truths and Illusions From Sirocco Films, 2010...more