Boogie (3D) (2009)
Action, Animation, Comedy, Teen
Nancy Dupláa, Nicolás Frías, Paublo Echarri
Gustavo Cova
Hugo Laurîa, Illusion Studios, José Luis Massa
From the comic genius of Great Black Fontanarossa comes BOOGIE, an action-packed, jaw-dropping, 3-D animated film. Exploding with women, alcohol and non-stop bullets, Boogie provides a lethal dose of irony and such extreme violence that it becomes impossible not to laugh. In a city where crime seems to rule the streets and there appears to be no way out, Boogie showed up… and things got worse. Boogie is a cold-blooded, and ruthless hit man who follows his own rules. He’s racist, chauvinistic, sadistic, heartless, and brutally honest. Women love him, criminals fear him, and his knack for killing precedes him. The story begins when Mafia boss, Sonny Calabria is on trial for a vicious crime and will be convicted if the only eyewitness testifies. Sonny hires Boogie to eliminate this problem, but when he asks for a hefty sum to complete the task, Sonny hires Boogie’s nemesis, Blackburn, instead. But the tables are turned as Boogie decides to kidnap the witness himself so Sonny will have to pay him, only to discover it’s Sonny’s girlfriend Marcia. Marcia turns out to be a beautiful and feisty woman who has always been in love with Boogie despite his constant violence and lack of feelings. She doesn't know that Boogie is planning to sell her out. While on the run, Boogie starts to fall for her, and his desire to protect her becomes bigger than the cash reward, BUT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HERO, TRY ANOTHER MOVIE!...more
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