Forbidden Ground (2013)
Three British soldiers find themselves stranded in No Man's Land after a failed charge on the German Trenches. Set in France 1916.
Battle Ground
Action, Drama, War
Denai Gracie, Johan Earl, Martin Copping, Sarah Mawbey, Tim Pocock
Johan Earl
Johan Earl
Denai Gracie, Johan Earl
Denai Gracie, Johan Earl


Motion Picture Association of America — Restricted to minors
The Western Front, 1916. Nervous tensions linger on the faces of young British soldiers as they prepare to charge the German lines ahead of an artillery offensive push`. Sgt. Major Wilkins stands at the helm, inspiring courage in the face of certain defeat. He locks eyes with his best friend, Cpl. Jennings on the other side of the trench and nods affectionately, for this may be the last they’ll ever see of each other. An ear crunching shrill pierce the air as the men charge no mans land to the deafening sound of thumping artillery and heavy machine gun fire. An endless barrage of burning hot lead cuts down the advancing men. Wilkin’s is stopped suddenly by a massive blast and is knocked to the ground unconscious. At home, London, 1916. Wilkins’ wife Grace has fallen victim to loneliness and is now pregnant to another man. Plagued with guilt and with few options she seeks out an illegal abortion with dire results. Back on the Battlefield, Wilkins awakens sharply, disoriented and confused. Night has fallen but the smoke of the battle still drifts heavily across the scarred land. Cautiously he scours his environment to the horrible realization he’s trapped and disoriented in No Man’s Land, a void between certain death and the safety of the English trenches. Slithering across No Man’s Land, Wilkins comes across the young Pvt. O’Leary seemingly unharmed, cowering in the mud. Further on they find Jennings, with his leg blown off below the knee. Together they must put aside personal differences and help each other across the muddy wasteland and back to their own lines before the whole area is bombed by British artillery....more