Fish 'n Chips (2013)
Fish N Chips, tells the story of the young impressionable “Fish” (Mario Cantone) and his mischievous, lifelong enemy “Chips” (John Leguizamo) as they tear across both land and sea in an exciting adventure for the whole family.
Animation, Family
Ian Busher, Jessica Greenberg, John Leguizamo, Mario Catone, Martin Villafana
Dan Krech
Ali Lynette-Krech
Lucas Lynette-Krech
It all starts when Chips, a cat living in Brookyln, is kicked out by his father, Chipsus. He tells Chips to bring back his most coveted treasure if he ever wants to set paw back in the house, the bone of the no-good, meat-eating fish that gobbled up his ancestor. Unfortunately the bone is already in the possession of the that same fish's descendant. A goldfish who goes by the name of Fish. Chip's best friend Rolf graciously agrees to aid him in a series of schemes to gain back the bone. He tries many time but each attempt is more painful and less successful than the last. During one of these bids for the bone the unthinkable happens. Fish and Chips are fighting over the bone and it falls into the sewers. They try everything to get it back, even posters but eventually they have to give up. Fish and Chips, beyond consolation both happen to wander onto the beach at night. There their depression turns to wrath. They decide to seek revenge on the world that put them through this ordeal....more