A group of unsuspecting teens descend into a haunted mine.
Horror, Thriller
Alexa Vega
United States
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Motion Picture Association of America — Parental Guidance Under Thirteen
Brad and his small-town friends decide to spend one last Halloween together before graduation. What better way to go out than spending a spooky night at the Jarvis mine? As legend has it, the Jarvis mine has been closed for decades and is haunted by the spirits of a family who was killed in the mine. Of course, there are no such things as ghosts, right? Brad has organized the trip as a last-ditch attempt to hold onto relationships that are on the verge of dissolving, as his friends go their separate ways. Brad plans on staying in their small town, but his ex-girlfriend, Laurie, is leaving for medical school. Sharon is Brad’s current girlfriend but she thinks that Brad might still have feelings for Laurie. Along for the adventure is Laurie’s genius friend, Ethan and Brad’s jock friend, Jimmy. While the kids joke around, telling ghost stories around the campfire, they have no idea of the terror which awaits them. A rainstorm forces them deep into the mine, where they become trapped with nowhere to go but down. As the kids descend deeper and deeper into the mine, we discover the relationships between the kids are not as they seem on the surface, either. One by one, the kids start questioning what power the mine actually holds. Are there supernatural forces at work, or does a monster lurk in the darkness? Just when you think you’ve figured out the secret of the mine, the mine takes another twist, leaving you wondering what will happen next!...more