Just Married (2009)
Marco Chimenz
Nicola is a hardworking young cop who's in love with girlfriend Alopa, the daughter of Indian ambassador Jadep. He asks her to marry her, and they start talking about combining Indian and Italian traditions for the wedding. The cops are building a case on rich banker Attilio, who seems to have his fingers in a lot of unsavory pies. Attilio's got a celebrity girlfriend, Sabrina, whose star is falling; the two are dead-set on making their wedding the celebrity event of the century. Looking on from the restaurant where Attilio and Sabrina hold court are Salvatore, a busboy, and Chiara, a waitress. Poor and in love, Chiara's just found out she's pregnant. They'll have a tiny wedding, they decide... but Salvatore keeps inviting more and more relatives! so Chiara hatches a plan: they'll just add their 50+ wedding party to Attilio/Sabrina's. Meanwhile cop Nicola and gf Alopa have gotten their parents together, after various conversations about Italian vs. Indian food, setting, ceremony require complicated summits. Ambassador Jadep and his soignee wife are horrified by their in-laws to be: Nicola's farmer father Sabino and loutish farmhand uncle Peppino, though long-suffering Violetta's penchant for opera wins them over. Chaos ensues when a comedy of errors threatens to derail all three weddings, but finally all three go through: Chiara and Salvatore barely get away with their wedding tacked on to Attilio and Sabrina's, thanks to the cops enacting a sting during the ceremony, while Nicola and Jadep's wedding ends in an Indian - Italian dance-off! - ED...more