Sacrifice (2011)
Ari, an undercover Mossad agent, is sent to Syria to bring back a Jewish family in peril. Unbeknownst to him, he’s being set up for the greater good of Israel to save a high-ranking officer.
100 min
Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr, Devon Bostick, Kim Coates, Lara Daans
Damian Lee
DOV ELON (30s) is in a Syrian prison, being tortured for information about the Israelis and the Germans. Dov does not give up any information. A man, HANS HOFFMAN (40s, really, Ari Ben-Sion) is in Cypress with a Syrian woman, MICHELLE WAHABI, in a hotel room. We see that his phone rings and rings in the background, and he ignores it. Next, Hans, who is actually Ari, is picked up by a work acquaintance in Frankfurt and given his Israeli passport. He’s going home. Back in Israel, Ari meets with the COLONEL, who asks him to take some time off. It’s clear that Ari’s earlier neglect to answer the phone is what resulted in Dov ending up in the Syrian prison. Ari tells the Colonel he needs another assignment. Ari leaves the Colonel and goes home to his wife, who has a boyfriend after three years and she throws him out. Ari, after all, missed their son’s funeral. We next see Ari placing flowers on his son’s grave, and then getting back into top spy shape – shooting at the range, sparring with an instructor. We also see him alone at his apartment. As he continues training, he gets stronger and back into the game. At a café, he meets a young American photographer, KIM JOHNSON(20s). They hit it off and spend the night together. However, Ari introduces himself a Hans Hoffman, the import/export businessman. Back at Mossad headquarters, the Colonel gives Ari an assignment. He’s to go to Syria to smuggle out a young Jewish doctor and his family. Syria is very unfriendly toward Jewish people. The Colonel tells Ari it will be a simple assignment. Ari agrees to go. Ari then convinces Kim to meet him in Syria. In Cyprus, a man, GUY LAVALLE (20s, Arab) meets with Michelle, the woman Ari/Hans had been with in Cyprus. Michelle pays guy for information about Hans/Ari, that he will be flying into Damascus the next day. At the Damascus airport, a piece of Ari’s luggage is stolen by a young boy. Ari doesn’t report the theft. Ari checks into his hotel as Hans Hoffman. Back at Mossad headquarters, the Colonel meets with Guy Lavalle, who is actually LIEUTENANT SHAUL BARKAI. From their discussion, it’s clear Ari’s been sent to Syria for another reason, and that he’s being set up for something. Back in Damascus, Ari/Hans meets with ABU AL-HUSSEINI, a bureaucrat in the trade office. They discuss Hans’ purchase of hand-carved backgammon sets. Hans also asks if there are any Germans of the “old order”. Later that night, Ari meets at a restaurant with Al-Husseini and FRANZ LUDIN (70s), a Nazi living in Damascus. Ari/Hans, undercover, pretends to be a Nazi. After dinner, Ari makes his way to another hotel and meets with Kim. They are happy to see each other and fall into bed. The next day, Ari conducts business as Hans and orders his backgammon sets, and then meets up with Franz. Franz takes Ari/Hans to the Jewish quarter, which is essentially like the ghettos from WWII. Ari/Hans tells Franz about a “weakness” he has for Jewish women, and asks Franz to arrange for a girl. He describes one named Rachel. Later that night, a young girl RACHEL shows up at Ari’s hotel room. She is scared and thinks that Ari/Hans has bad intentions, but Ari quickly explains he’s there to help her family and the doctor’s family get out of Syria. The hear a knock at the door, and fearing it to be the Germans, Ari tells Rachel to get into bed as if they’ve been fooling around. Unfortunately, it’s Kim and she doesn’t like what she sees. Ari/Hans runs after her, telling her it’s “not what she thinks” and convinces her to meet him tomorrow so he can explain. The next day, Ari goes to buy some perfumes at the market and is followed by thieves, who corner him in an alley. Ari throws his wallet, but they jump him anyway. They hit him in the head and he loses consciousness. When he comes to, he is propped against a wall and still has his wallet. At the restaurant in Kim’s hotel, she tells Ari/Hans all about her day photographing a refugee camp. Ari/Hans lets Kim think that he’s a Nazi and she rushes out of the restaurant, horrified. Back at the hotel, another girl shows up for Ari/Hans, but it’s not Rachel. He asks where she is and is told she’s been arrested. Ari sends the girl and policeman away, and rushes off to the Jewish quarter and to Rachel’s apartment. Rachel’s mother tells him that Rachel was arrested for no reason, and so traumatized that she is catatonic. Ari promises her mother that he will help them. At Café Sham later, Ari’s scheduled meeting place by the Colonel, he waits and no one shows up. He senses something wrong, but since he was given a back-up plan, he leaves. At Kim’s hotel, Ari tells Kim that he’s not a Nazi, that he had to tell her that and that she needs to leave the country, she’s in danger. He promises to explain everything when they meet in a few days. Ari goes to his second scheduled meeting place, Café Teyrouzi, but again Lieutenant Barkai does not show up. He goes back to his hotel room, and Kim is there. Her pictures have been printed in the paper. She’s been invited to take pictures of foreign prisoners in a Syrian prison. Ari then tells her who he is, and asks her to track down Dov in the prison when she goes. Later, Ari/Hans goes to Franz’s dinner party and meets several other Nazis. Ari finds out that they had broken Dov’s cover and turned him over to the Syrians. The next morning, Ari/Hans meets Franz and Colonel Streicher. Colonel Streicher is suspicious of Ari/Hans, so after the meeting Ari/Hans heads back to his hotel room, and makes an explosive and addresses it to “Colonel Ludwig Streicher”. At the Syrian Military Intelligence headquarters, GENERAL SULEIMAN SARRAJ, who earlier had been interrogating Dov, is meeting with MR. YUSSAF FAUD, head of Syria’s general security service. They discuss Ari – his cover is blown. They don’t know why he’s there, but the General tells Faud that there is a mole somewhere in Faud’s organization. Ari is asleep at his hotel when Franz calls, telling him about Streicher. He believes the Jews sent the explosive and is worried for all the Germans’ safety. Ari calls the hospital and finds out that Streicher is okay. Kim then shows up and tells him that she wasn’t able to find Dov at the prison. Ari tells Kim that she needs to get on a plane, and that they will meet in Jerusalem. Downstairs in the lobby, Ari gets a frantic phone call from Franz telling him to not leave, he’s on his way. As he’s on the phone, he sees Kim walk through the lobby and an Arab man get up and follow her onto the street. Ari runs after them, and outside sees that they have vanished. Right then, Franz rushes up. Franz is concerned that the Israelis are trying to kill them all. Ari tells him to hire a bodyguard, that he’s not safe, that he could be killed at any minute. Watching Franz walk away, Ari feels a sense of payback. Ari then gets on a train and heads out to a Damascus suburb, meeting with SABRI AL-ALAKAZAR, aka Operative Sixty Six. Operative Sixty Six explains everything to Ari and then tells her that Kim is a Syrian agent and that the Syrians know who Ari is. They make a plan to carry out their mission the next night. Back at the hotel, Ari has a hard time concealing his anger toward Kim, but he manages to do it. The next morning, Ari awakens to a phone call and finds Kim gone. Ari finishes up his “business” in Damascus, and goes back to his hotel room, nervously drinking until the phone rings. Kim returns and Ari tells her of his “plans”, obviously a ruse. Ari gets angrier and angrier, as he tells Kim he knows what she’s done. But he’s unable to kill her. She explains how she became who she was, but that she’s fallen in love with him and wants to stop. Ari and Kim go downstairs to the restaurant, then sneak out through the kitchen, being followed by two men. Outside, they jump into a Spitfire and race off through the streets of Damascus. In a parking lot, they switch cars into a Fiat, once again traveling through the streets of Damascus. Ari takes Kim’s tracker and throws it into the back of a truck. Kim tells him she loves him and is happy to be going with him. In the Syrian desert, Ari slows down and turns his headlights off. Sabri Al-Alazar appears, mad that Kim is with Ari. Ari assures him they can trust her, but then they hear the sound of police sirens and Kim darts into the desert. Al-Alazar shoots Kim in the chest, and Ari rushes to her. She apologizes right as she dies. Ari tells Al-Alazar that he’ll try and detain the police as long as he can so that Al-Alazar can get out. As Al-Alazar leaves, Ari begins shooting and hits two soldiers. Bullets begin flying toward him, and he’s hit in the head. In the Syrian prison, Ari is awakened by screams. His fingernails have all been pulled off, his body is a wreck. He finds some water and drinks until he passes out. When he comes to, Yussaf Faud enters the room. Yussaf is the Israeli mole inside Syrian intelligence. He thanks Ari for all he’s done for the Israelis, and hands Ari a razor, as he cannot help him escape. Yussaf mumbles a Hebrew prayer and leaves Ari to himself. Ari slashes his wrists with the razor, as his life literally flashes before his dying eyes....more
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