Stalled (2013)
It's Christmas Eve and a janitor has been trapped in a Ladies toilet as the Zombie Apocalypse is unleashed. He is in the perfect place to be scared sh!*less!
Comedy, Horror
Antonia Bernath, Dan Palmer, Giles Alderson
Christian James
Dan Palmer
Richard Kerrigan
United Kingdom


Motion Picture Association of America — Restricted to minors
A Christmas office party rages as a depressed janitor enters a ladies restroom. He wears overalls with the embroidered initials of ‘W.C’. W.C removes a loose “No Smoking “sign and erects a ladder to fix a speaker with his screwdriver. A rat falls from the speaker. W.C takes the dead rodent and flushes it in a middle cubicle of three. He hides in the stall as ominous footsteps are heard. The suspense is quelled when he spies red stilettos at the bottom of the stall. It’s DEBBIE; a drunken partygoer...along with her pal HOLLY. The girls embrace! HOLLY removes DEBBIE’s bra and is momentarily put off by a bite on DEBBIE’s breast, but the amorous shenanigans soon continue. W.C looks on in wonder but his excitement is doused by the intrusion of CHARLIE, his boss. The girls force him out a second after he notices a cowering W.C. HOLLY finds W.C’s screwdriver and wedges it under the door to stop CHARLIE. HOLLY turns to find that DEBBIE’s bite has caused her to look rather sickly! DEBBIE turns violent and attacks HOLLY, tearing her throat out! Blood sprays across the restroom! W.C pulls out his phone but drops it! This causes DEBBIE to lunge under his stall! ZOMBIE DEBBIE manages to claw his trousers off, but luckily for him they flop on her head, blinding her. W.C leaps to the cistern and kicks the toilet seat on top of her. He repeatedly stamps on the seat turning DEBBIE’s noggin into pulp! He leaps into the third cubicle, flies out of the door and to the restroom exit. He pulls the screwdriver from the door only to find more ZOMBIES!! W.C slips back to the stall with the misplaced No Smoking sign. He locks the door. Putrid hands reach under the stall. He grabs the No Smoking sign and slams it down chopping off fingers! He screws the sign to the bottom of the door. He needs his phone. He has no choice but to climb over to the next stall and retrieve it. Enquiries: or 4  Back in the middle stall he carefully prods DEBBIE who lays head first in the toilet. He realizes the phone is inside the bowl-- he slowly reaches into the goop. He finds the phone but DEBBIE awakes!! W.C thrusts his screwdriver through her gaping mouth and kicks the handle, securing her against the stall door! Back in ‘his’ stall W.C finds his efforts have been for nothing; upon dialing 999 he finds himself hearing the groans of ZOMBIE POLICE! W.C gives up, he thinks all is lost ...then he hears crying... coming from one stall over. He is not alone! It is a girl. She introduces herself as EVIE SMITH the hottie from the office. W.C can’t believe his ‘luck’! Both trapped and with a screwdrivered zombie between them W.C and EVIE strike up a conversation. EVIE seems to be quite an upbeat babe-- the chemistry is almost instant. The pair concoct a plan to get help by setting of a distant alarm. W.C uses DEBBIE’s bra as a catapult and the severed fingers as projectiles. One by one he misses. Down to two fingers, the tension mounts. Before he fires again, the restroom door flies open to reveal JEFF FROM I.T. A strapping hero; here to save the day! Alas W.C lets rip with the slingshot bra and accidentally shoots a finger into JEFF’s mouth-- choking him. He is savaged by the hoard! As W.C convalesces from witnessing JEFF’s bloody demise EVIE attempts to keep up moral by talking about Christmas and asking about W.C’s mother. Turns out he doesn’t talk to mum and hates Christmas so, instead of lightening the mood, an argument ensues. Now W.C needs to get out more than ever. He fires the remaining finger but misfires and sends his ladder crashing against EVIE’s stall. This causes a gangway for a ZOMBIE ELF to make his way up to the cubicle! W.C has to save EVIE. As a distraction he grabs a tampon bin and empties the contents into the restroom. ZOMBIES scavenge, ELF ZOMBIE wants a piece and leaps from the ladder. EVIE is saved... for now! W.C is reminded that the I.T Department sits above the toilets-- meaning that the crawlspace hub is directly behind the cubicles. If W.C can get his hammer he can smash through the crawlspace, grab EVIE and make a dash to a nearby vent. The perfect plan! Alas, it’s in the sink and, even worse, CHARLIE the boss has just grabbed it. He is back! And undead! CHARLIE begins hammering W.C’s stall door but the tool lodges in the doors surface, this gives W.C the opportunity to swipe it and begin hammering a hole in the cubicle wall, climb through the crawlspace and bash an opening in EVIE’s wall to reveal her for the first time. BUT EVIE is NOT who she says she is. She is HEATHER the fat girl from the office, tricked into the loo by a clandestine date that was in fact a cruel joke. There is no way she can fit into the crawlspace so, in an ultimate selfless act, unlocks her stall door to let the ZOMBIES in and help W.C flee. W.C makes his way to the vent-- it is full of deadheads, he returns to the restroom which is now being torn apart. What to do? He looks to the TP dispenser and has a brainwave. He turns himself into a TOILET PAPER MUMMY. His entire body is enveloped in layers of paper as he faces the gnashing hoard. Mouthfuls of tissue are ripped from his person, but W.C eventually makes his escape to the EXIT! W.C is outside! He spies a phone-box and decides to phone home. He calls his mum and makes amends-- thanks to HEATHER’s guidance. W.C assures his mum he will be home for Christmas and replaces the receiver. He looks up. The booth is now surrounded by ZOMBIES. He is STALLED again!...more