In Bob We Trust (2013)
For 40 years Father Bob Maguire has fought courageously to protect the poor and forgotten, by opening the doors to his parish, his presbytery and even his own pockets. Dismissing the supreme authority of the Church and its hypocrisy he has disciplined many times. Now his Archbishop has forcibly retired and evicted Father Bob and he’s not leaving without a fight.
Biography, Documentary
Father Bob Maguire, John Safran
Lynn-Maree Milburn
Lynn-Maree Milburn
Andrew De Groot, Lynn-Maree Milburn, Maya Gnyp, Richard Lowenstein
Father Bob Maguire has spent almost five decades fighting courageously to protect troubled youth immersed in a culture of crime, drugs and violence. He has opened the doors to his parish and his own pocket, offering a sanctuary from where they can begin a new life. Father Bob's generosity along with his outspoken nature has regularly placed him at odds with his superiors. Often he has come under fire due to his open disdain for the supreme authority of the Church, rejecting the hypocrisy of its dogma and logic. However, now the Church has had enough of the man who asked ""Is not helping those in need a central tenet of our religion?”, Father Bob at the age of 75, has been forcibly 'retired' and evicted from his home of 38 years. After a lifetime of devout service to church that no longer wants him he has to start over with nothing but the tenacious belief that he is a priest and is here to help. With defiance and passion Father Bob sets about re-establishing himself in the community he cherishes and continues the work he has dedicated his life to. In Bob We Trust is an intimate and inspiring portrait of a man who has dedicated his life to helping those who most need it. The story of a man who will not give up....more