Meeps, The (2015)
52 x 13'
Children - Preschool
The Meeps is music-driven fun for the whole family. Think of the Beatles in “A Hard Day’s Night” or the Monkees in their hit TV series as cute but edgy plush characters. The story content revolves around the musical misadventures of The Meeps band who tour the World, give concerts, are chased by adoring fans, the paparazzi and their conniving agent. They make hit records and enthuse anyone watching to become musicians. The idea is that the Meeps will appeal to both adults and kids with great and world famous classic rock, pop, hip hop and country music and a multi-level humor target. Often the inspiration for the story-lines will come directly from the songs. These funny original and loveable characters are designed to charm kids who will be given a peep back stage in the music industry....more