Mule, The / Border Run (2013)
The Mule is an exciting thriller inspired by true events in the vein of “Taken”, about an American female reporter (Stone) searching for her missing brother against the backdrop of the violence and human smuggling across the US/Mexican border.
96 min
Sharon Stone, Billy Zane
Gabriela Tagliavini
United States
A group of Mexican migrants, led by an American humanitarian relief worker, Aaron (Zane), attempt to illegally cross the United States border through the desert amidst crossfire from American right-wing militiamen. Aaron is captured and taken hostage. In Arizona, Aaron’s sister Sofie (Stone), a self-reliant and ambitious reporter for The Phoenix Daily, calls Aaron only to have his cell phone pick up to the sound of gunshots. After realizing Aaron is in danger she crosses over the border into Nogales, Mexico in search of him. She runs into a mysterious man, Javier, a Coyote who acts as a guide for migrants trying to cross over. With Javier’s help, she sneaks inside a tight and dark compartment hidden underneath a tanker truck to cross the desert. They are in fact diverted by the coyotes and taken instead to an undisclosed compound in the desert where they are drugged and held against their will. It is the same place, however, where Aaron is also being held captive. Aaron has been beaten and chained to a wall, but he is alive- barely. With no time to escape, Aaron convinces Javier to rescue Sofie and leave him behind. Javier reluctantly agrees and helps sneak her out of the compound and make a daring escape through the desert toward the Mexican/US border fence while the coyotes chase them at gunpoint. Javier is shot and killed, but Sofie manages to make it safely to the other side. After some incredible turns, Sofie is also eventually reunited with her brother when he is rescued by the DEA and the Mexican military in a joint sting operation. In a shocking twist ending, Sofie also discovers the real reason why both she and Aaron were taken and the true identities of those involved in their abductions....more