Killer Joe (2012)
102 min
Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church, Juno Temple, Gina Gershon
William Friedkin
Tracy Letts
United States
This is a suspense movie about a white trash Smith family and their underhanded plot to receive life insurance money. The story is centered around the children 20 year old DOTTIE and her older brother CHRIS, 22. Their parents are divorced. Dottie lives in the trailer with her dad ANSEL and step mom SHARLA. Chris, who lives with his mother, is kicked out of the house and comes over to the trailer to reveal a get rich quick scheme to his father, Ansel. He tells Ansel that he owes six thousand dollars because he was dealing drugs and his mom ADELE sold his shipment. If he doesn’t come up with the money he’s as good as dead. Chris also tells Ansel that Adele has a life insurance policy that is worth 50 grand. He says that he knows of a guy who will do the job for 20 grand named KILLER JOE. The family plans to collect the insurance money and use it to pay Joe's fee. Ansel agrees to this and they arrange to meet Joe. Joe goes to the trailer and meets Chris’ sister Dottie and he becomes interested in the girl. Joe then meets Chris and Ansel. Joe initially refuses the offer, saying that he needs all the money up front. Joe then changes his mind and says that he will accept their offer and kill Adele if he can keep Dottie as a retainer. This means that Joe can have sex with Dottie until the assassination gets done. Chris and Ansel arrange a date for Joe with Dottie and Joe ends up sleeping with her. Joe is fascinated with Dottie and becomes a frequent visitor at the trailer the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Chris is beat-up by DIGGER, the man he’s owes money to, and Digger’s motorcycle gang. Chris is threatened that if he doesn’t come up with the money soon, he will be buried alive. Chris also has a major revelation while watching a movie in a porno theater where the characters are strangely replaced with Joe and his sister Dottie. He realizes that it was wrong to put his sister in such an uncompromising position and he has a change of heart. Chris goes to Joe and tells him that the deal is off. However, it’s too late and Joe shows Chris Adele’s deceased body. Ansel and Chris go to collect the insurance money but it turns out that the money was left to Adele’s boyfriend REX. It’s revealed that Rex was the one who informed Chris about the insurance policy and set it up so Chris would carry out the dirty work and he alone would collect the money. Chris apologizes to Dottie. He then hatches a plan to take Dottie and leave the country but Dottie tells him that she needs to see Joe one last time. Meanwhile, Joe comes over to the trailer. Joe reveals that’s he’s been investigating the situation and found out that Sharla was having an affair with Rex. Turns out, Sharla and Rex were in on this scheme from the very beginning and planned to keep all of the life insurance money for themselves. Joe reveals that he killed Rex and that the check cannot be cashed because it was made out to “Rex” who now is dead. Joe then beats up Sharla and threatens Ansel. He says that Chris is going to come over and try to take Dottie and he wants everyone to help prevent that from happening or he will kill everyone in the house. When Chris comes over there is a nice family dinner set up. Chris pulls a gun on Joe and tells him that he is taking Dottie with him. Joe charges and a violent physical fight breaks out. Essentially, it’s Chris versus Joe, Ansel and Sharla. The gun falls on the floor. Dottie grabs the gun but instead of shooting Joe, she shoots Chris, followed by Ansel and Sharla. She then reveals to Joe that she is pregnant with a baby....more
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