CORNERED! (2009)
In Los Angeles, a serial-killer with unknown identity is slaughtering clients in convenience stores.
Steve Guttenberg, James Duval
United States
A serial killer with a morbid voyeur fetish is targeting and terrorizing convenient stores in the city of Los Angeles. He tortures and executes his victims in a ghoulishly artistic way, then steals the surveillance tapes as his bizarre personal trophies. With the city paralyzed in fear, deliveryman, MORTY (Steve Guttenberg—COCOON, POLICE ACADEMY), shares his concerns about the recent killings with a group of assorted friends at an isolated downtown liquor store. In a light hearted conversation each member of the group explains, in imaginative ways, how they would kill the psychopath if they ever meet him. Convinced the store is safe, the friends, including JIMMY (JAMES DUVAL—DONNIE DARKO, INDEPENDENCE DAY), lock themselves in and settle down for a night of poker. As the night progresses, drunken fun quickly turns into heinous murder as the friends begin to disappear one by one. The despair thickens once the group discovers they are being hunted by the killer, who is executing each victim in the manner they described. When the killer discovers the butcher’s tools in the basement, he puts them to demonic use, and the harmless game of cards becomes a terrorizing game of survival. Be careful … evil may be listening!...more