Heatstroke (2013)
124 Degrees
Action, Adventure, Drama
David Lancaster
Germany, South Africa
Paul (Stephen Dorff) is a hyena expert who is preparing for a trip to the wilds of Africa to research them. He is going with his Russian girlfriend, Tally (Svetlana Metkina), to help out. The film starts with Tally, looking battered and frayed by the sun, running from mysterious adversaries in a small airplane. But is Tally tough enough to deal with a spoiled American teenager? Paul's daughter, Jo (Maisie Williams), was caught with drugs and now she's been forced to tag along with Dad so he can keep an eye on her. Jo is a spoiled brat whose face is always buried in her iPad or ears under headphones, and when she does bother to speak it's to complain about Dad's lover or the boring surroundings. These three characters become involved with a group of armed poachers led by Mallick (Peter Stormare) in the middle of the desert....more