Neverland (2011)
A London orphan named Peter is transported to Neverland, where the secret of eternal youth has spawned a war between a Native American tribe and an 18th century female pirate.
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
French, Italian
Some places may look familiar. Some characters may ring a bell. But in this world, where time stands still, an adventure awaits like none you’ve ever seen before.Raised on the streets of turn-of-the-century London, orphaned Peter (Charlie Rowe, Pirate Radio) and his pals survive by their fearless wits as cunning young pickpockets. Now, they’ve been rounded up by their mentor, Jimmy Hook (Rhys Ifans, Notting Hill), to snatch a priceless—some say, magical—crystal orb hidden away in Harbottles, an antique store known for its priceless artifacts. The orb is home to a winged fairy named Tinker Bell and a frightening yet irresistible portal to another world. Once they get their hands on it, a flash of blinding light flings Hook and Peter and the boys into Neverland. It’s a realm of white jungles and legendary mysteries of eternal youth, where unknown friends and enemies snatched from time welcome the new travelers with both excitement and trepidation. One of them is power-mad Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies).The 18th century female pirate and her first mate, Starkey, are hungry for the knowledge that the unscrupulous Hook can bring to her ship of rogues in harvesting and ruling the magical jungles. Here, Peter is drawn to Aaya, a Native American beauty of the Kaw tribe, which has protected the secret of the tree spirits from Bonny and her gang for ages—and that has meant war. Between friend and enemy is Dr. Fludd, 400-year-old former alchemist to Queen Elizabeth and the genius who can transport everyone back to their own time—to live as they were, to age, and to die. But as the fight to save this strange and beautiful world intensifies, Hook, Peter, and the ragamuffin lost boys consider that growing old somewhere else in time could be less important than growing up—right here in their new home called Neverland.From Emmy winning Executive Producer Robert Halmi, Sr. comes this inspired prequel to Peter Pan, sweeping in time from the turbulent seas of the pirates of the Caribbean to the back alleys of a vividly rendered Dickensian London to a world of pure imagination....more
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