Playing It Cool (2014)
A man who doesn't believe in love, finds his one exception, however she doesn't believe in love either
94 min
Comedy, Romance
United States
The Narrator, who refers to himself as ME, (30’s), in standing in a dynamic void, where he sees different versions of himself. He is an ASTRONAUT, then a MONK, and then he turns into a KOREAN VILLAGER, then back to normal. His tale travels to the past where he is a ten year old, receiving a strip tease from his babysitter. Realizing he’s off track he begins his story more towards the present. ME is outside of an apartment, drunk and getting his face punched in by an ATTACKER. Because of his drunken stupor state, he barely feels the blows. He decides this isn’t where he wants to begin his story either, so he jumps to the next scene. ME is at a Hollywood party, throwing back patron shots, when he meets a CUTE GIRL. They go off to the bathroom and begin in foreplay making their way to intercourse. The cute girl stops him before things go to far because she begins to feel guilty. He goes back to slamming back patron shots. In his narration, he talks about wondering where the girl he loves is; he refers to the girl as HER. 2 MONTHS EARLIER: Me is sitting in his office talking to his co-worker, BRYAN, (30’s), about a romantic comedy script in the works. Me is a writer and Bryan works at the talent agency. ME doesn’t want to write the romantic comedy script because one, he doesn’t believe in love and two, he’s more interested in the genre of action. Bryan convinces him to do the script on the pretense that he will get him an action script assignment next. Me then meets his best friend, SCOTT, (30’s), at a bookstore, where he complains about writing a romantic comedy. Scott is a believer in love and encourages him but Me can’t get past all the clichés of love stories. He imagines a couple strolling down the street holding hands, and enjoying a candle light dinner. These images then turn into the couples arguing, their romance has faded, and this is how he see’s all relationships ending. Me reminisce about his childhood, when his mother abandoned him, leaving him in the care of his grandfather. Then he relieves how this abandonment issue causes his to ruin every relationship, with a woman; he’s had from a young boy, through college and up to his current adult self. He attends a charity event with Scott and meets the woman he refers to as HER, (30’s). She’s beautiful, intelligent and mysterious and he falls for her instantly. They enjoy a night together before the mysterious woman is taking away by her boyfriend. She leaves him without giving a name, as if she’s Cinderella, only leaving behind a glass slipper. Once HER leaves, he needs a rebound to get her off his mind, so he texts a bunch of old booty calls. One responds and he goes to meet her. They begin hooking up but he stops them and decides to go back and look for the girl. She’s got to him. He goes back to the charity event but she’s gone and after his investigation, he can’t find any information about her. ME is at the gun range with his four friends, including LYLE, SAMSON, MALLORY, and SCOTT. All are in their thirties, are writers and ride-or-die best friends. Me talks about HER to his friends and they all are in shock that he is showing so much interest in one girl, being that ME is a huge player. ME visits his GRANDDAD and they discuss HER as well. His granddad is also surprised that he has found a girl that has had such an effect on him. He encourages him to find her, detective style. ME starts attending more charity events, in hopes to run into her again, but no luck. However, he meets a HEDGE FUNDER, who praises him for attending so many events and he begins lying about his dedication to charities and him being apart of the board of directors. His lie gets him called on stage at a charity event to give a speech, that’s when he notices HER in the crowd. He stumbles through his speech and races of the stage to greet her. They decided to go for a walk on the beach. Their connection grows stronger as they watch the waves hit the shore. The next day, he and Scott are in a coffee shop discussing their beach date. ME, feels that he did good by not taking it to the next level and trying to kiss her. It seems like the universe is bringing them together because suddenly HER shows up to the coffee shop. He accompanies her to a clothing store, where he asks her out on a date but she tells him, because of her boyfriend, they can only be friends. ME and Mallory have lunch and she tells him that it won’t work out. She believes girls and guys can’t be friends. ME decides to still go his friend date with HER to an art gallery. It goes well and he drives her home. He wants the date to end in a kiss but it ends in a high five. His friends try to tell him, he’s in love, but he doesn’t want to believe it. He goes on another friend date with her and his feeling about her comes out but she tells him she can’t reciprocate those feelings. He’s shot down. He gets advice from his granddad to fight for her, so he goes to her apartment and pleads his case. She gives in and they kiss. His friends convince him that he has to have sex with her, and he agrees. ME and HER meet for coffee, and she tries to break it off with him for the sake of her own relationship with her boyfriend, but things don’t go her way and she gives in. They end up having sex. The next day, ME becomes very emotionally involved, like a needy girlfriend and HER is not excited about it. It hurts his feelings and he storms out of her apartment. He falls into depression and his friends tell him that he became too needy and scared her away. He tries to apologize to HER but at their meeting, the hedge funder see’s him and his lies about being a charity worker comes out. She is livid and breaks things off with him for good. He falls deeper in depression and everywhere he looks are happy couples and signs of love. He meets with Bryan because he has yet to finish his script and Bryan tries to cheer him up. He takes him to the Hollywood party from earlier where he was hooking up with the girl in the bathroom. After getting advice from Mallory, she comes out and tells him she loves him, but that is not what he wants to hear. His other friends tell him to fight for her harder. He meets with her again and tells her he loves her, but she only came to tell him that she’s engaged and that they can’t see each other again. His depression causes him to get in a fight with Scott. He then gets drunk and goes to HER apartment but runs into her fiancé and it goes back to the earlier scene in the beginning of him getting beat up outside an apartment. When things seem like they couldn’t get worst, they do, he finds out his granddad died. He makes up with Scott and reads a book that Scott always talks about. It inspires him. He finally begins writing his script and it comes out genuine and great. He has a party to celebrate his finishing the script and has an epiphany, which causes him to leave his party early and search for HER. He goes to San Francisco because he knows that’s where she’s getting married. He searches the city for heart statues and on the way gathers a crowd, like Forest Gump, when he’s running across the country. He finally locates her and finds that she didn’t go through with the wedding. He pleads his case and she decides to give him a second chance. They finally get together and ME experiences love for the first time....more