The Tribe (2016)
The Tribe is a young adult action/drama that follows the political upheaval of a community of rival tribes in a world where adults have been wiped out by a viral epidemic.
87 min
Drama, Sci-Fi
Raymond Thompson
The script opens to reveal the chaos surrounding the epidemic that is wiping out all of the adults. The lone-wolf-type protagonist Bray makes critical commentary on the state of mankind. A small child runs through the city and two girls from the Mall Rats – Amber and Tai San – take the child to their home base – an abandoned mall. Zoot, the leader of the Locos, incites an insurrection. Back at the mall, we meet the rest of the Mall Rats, the tribe with which the viewer is supposed to empathize. Bray goes to an abandoned house and we meet a pregnant Trudy. Zoot sells slaves. We meet Flame, the leader of the Privileged, playing guitar on a mountaintop, and his right-hand woman, Ebony. Back at the mall, a series of interactions introduces us to the unique personalities of each Mall Rat. Bray and Trudy arrive at the Mall Rats’ haven – some of the Mall Rats are unhappy about taking in strangers. Zoot questions a prisoner who is a member of another tribe—the Demon Dogs. Back at the mall, Trudy gives birth to a baby boy. Zoot returns the head of the prisoner to the leader of the Demon Dogs. Back at the mall, Amber tries to teach the younger Mall Rats. At the Privileged’s lair, the Privileged relax in their private paradise. Flame freaks out over a pimple. Ebony leads Flame to make a statement to Privileged’s slaves/militia. Back at the mall, Lex, a cocky Mall Rat, has a confrontation with Bray. Zoot’s guardian informs him that the Privileged militia are being prepared “for something.” The Mall Rats collect/gather items to take to an open-air market. Bray leads them through a path through the woods because he is friends with the leader of the Ecos. At the market, Tai-San wins a dune buggy in a break dancing contest, and Bray saves Lex from being attacked by Locos. At a tribal gathering, Amber proposes a peace treaty. At the Privileged’s Inner Sanctum, some Privileged bring Zoot into Flame’s room, where Flame does a ritual and bites Zoot’s neck. Bray rescues Zoot from being killed by the Privileged’s High Council and they return to the mall. We learn that Bray and Zoot are brothers and that Zoot is the father of Trudy’s baby. A fight between Lex and Zoot leaves Zoot dead, essentially declaring ‘war’ between the Locos and the Mall Rats. Bray and Amber manage to calm them down and ally troops against their real enemy – the Privileged, who want to turn all of the tribes into their own slaves. After a huge battle between the allied tribes and the Privileged’s militia, the tribes win. Tai-San is killed. Bray has a one-on-one fight with Flame, after which Flame taunts Bray to beat him with Flame’s guitar. Bray refuses and holds Flame captive. A new era of peace has begun....more