La Casa (2018)
Go inside how your favorite music is made
22 min
Arts & Culture, Music & Live Performance, TV Intl (non-English)
Tica Martinez
Sergio Uzaheta
Sergio Uzaheta, Jean Vargas
Jason Peterson, Stephen Brooks, Paola Colmenares, Erika Pulido
Colombia, United States
Did you ever wonder how a song is built, or what goes into making a music video? La Casa takes you inside this process from the artist's perspective. Each episode follows artists, producers and directors in the studio, on set, in the green room, and anywhere else. Explore the tools they use to produce their unique sound with "Bass"; watch them explain the meaning behind the lyrics with "Flow". Sneak a peek at the video shoot with "Frame", featuring exclusive footage including interviews with the artist, director and performers. There's something in La Casa for everyone, from gear nerds to casual fans to would-be musicians....more