Watch the Sunset (2018)
Drama, Thriller
Tristan Barr, Chelsea Zeller, Mitchell Booth, Aaron Walton, Zia Zantis-Vinycomb
Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden
Tristan Barr, Damien E. Lipp, Michael Gosden
Australia’s first one-shot feature film. Danny Biaro, an ex-member of an outlaw bikie gang, is tortured by the choices of his drug involved past that led to the disintegration of his family. Now longing to be reunited with Sally and their daughter Joey, he travels into the regional town of Kerang. After witnessing the brutal abuse of Charis at a club, a young girl that bears a haunting resemblance to Sally, Danny must race against the clock before the bikie gang reaches his estranged family. FESTIVALS: Perth Revelation International Film Festival - "Jury Award" Brisbane International Film Festival - "Best Film" Montreal International Film Festival - "Best Actor" Sydney Underground Film Festival Byron Bay International Festival Orlando International Festival Sydney World Film Fest - "Best Aus Cinema” Auckland International Film Festival - “Best Actor” REVIEWS: "A captivating, perfectly-executed piece of cinema." "Stanley Kubrick once said that if it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed. Watch The Sunset is a testament to the master's words. It's a captivating, perfectly-executed piece of ambitious, experimental cinema. It's a technical marvel which will inspire, while its hardcore narrative will shake you to your core." - Cinema Australia "One thing is for sure, this is a film that will stay with you long after you leave the cinema. Barr and Gosden have created an original masterpiece, one that’s sure to endure." ★★★★1/2 "Watch The Sunset, is a riveting experimental film that grips with immense power, a transfixing visual and auditory experience that will challenge you in remarkable ways." ★★★★ "The film portrays such sensational expression and genuine emotion, we feel as though we are there, wielding a gun and breaking down the doors in order to save those we love."
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