Only the Living Can Die (2019)
A tragic event marks a new beginning for the cynical and immature Orlando, who is forced to take care of people for the first time.
Si muore solo da vivi
Comedy, Romance
Alessandro Roja, Alessandra Mastronardi, Neri Marcoré, Amanda Lear, Francesco Pannofino
Alberto Rizzi
Nicola Fedrigoni, Valentina Zanella
Orlando is disillusioned, lazy man who lives day-to-day on the banks of the Po river. The 2012 earthquake forces him to take control over his life again, to care for his niece, to deal with an old love and, above all, to get his old band together. He ends up rediscovering the beauty of sharing life with other people. A tender comedy on a young man and his overwhelming will to get back in the game, amid balere (dance halls), poplar forests, and the shores of the great river.