Last Gamble, The (2011)
108 min.
Drama, Thriller
Steven Bauer, John Savage, Sally Kirkland, Nick Mancuso, Ray Abruzzo, Tanya Clarke, Katherine Narducci
Joe E. Goodavage
Joe E. Goodavage, Nick Mancuso, Phil Malandrino
Joe Goode (Golden Globe nominee, Steven Bauer, Scarface) is battling a serious gambling addiction which threatens both his job and his life. Living in a modest apartment with his long suffering mother, he still holds on to the belief that one day a big gambling win will resolve all of his and everyone's problems.

Joe's job demands he seek helps from a psychiatrist, Elizabeth Heaton (Tanya Clarke, A Beautiful Mind). She has her own problems --she is in a long term, but dead-end relationship. A weekend trip away takes an unexpected turn when Elizabeth winds up in passionate one night stand with an unpredictable man. Wracked with guilt and embarrassment, she returns home intent on preserving her relationship with her boyfriend, Michael (Rick Ravanette, Hart's War, Weeds). 

Elizabeth and Joe's lives both take a turn for the worse. Joe loses his job, and his mother (Academy Award Nominee, Sally Kirkland, Anna) receives repeated phone threats from angry bookies forcing him to confront the depths of his sickness. After hitting rock bottom, Joe joins Gamblers Anonymous and finds a mentor in his sponsor, Nick (Genie Award Winner, Nick Mancuso, Ticket To Heaven). Meanwhile, Elizabeth's stalker begins to track her down at home, leaves her threatening messages and ransacks her apartment. When a street wise, uncooperative, detective (Katherine Narduccio, Bronx Tale, Sopranos) proves unhelpful in protecting her from the increasingly dangerous stalker, Elizabeth searches desperately for a place to turn.

As a last resort, Elizabeth and Joe hatch a plan that they hope will solve both of their individual problems, but instead it brings them to an extreme solution that will alter their lives forever....more
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