Cuisine of the Wilderness (Season 1) (2019)
Cocina de Sotobosque
8 x 30 minutes
Civilization, Family, Food & Cooking, Human & Social, Lifestyle
Juan Delibes (experto naturalista y cazador), Miguel Carretero (chef)
Cuisine of the Wilderness is a series in which chef Miguel Carretero, Executive Chef of Restaurante Santerra, walks us through the elaboration of delicious dishes from the most exemplary big and small game. While Miguel cooks, expert hunter Juan Delibes explains the peculiarities of each animal as well as numerous anecdotes and curiosities about the hunting process. In addition to traditional recipes, Miguel presents haute cuisine versions, as served in his restaurant. Together they form the perfect tandem to bridge the world of haute cuisine and the sport of hunting, making them more accessible to both experts and beginners....more
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