El Continental (2018)
10 x 70
Drama, History, Romance, TV Drama - Scripted
Michelle Jenner, Alex García, Antonio de la Torre, Alexandra Jiménez, Manolo Solo, Secun de la Rosa, Chanel Terrero, María Alfonsa Rosso, Mariola Fuentes, Juanjo Ballesta
Frank Ariza
1922 was the year when Spain began to rise from the ashes of “the great war” and wanted to imitate the rest of Europe by becoming “fashionable”. “EL CONTINENTAL”, a charming and somewhat ostentatious coffee shop that some people do not hesitate to call “the first Cabaret”, opened with this intent. The owner, Alfonso Ungría, resorted to moneylenders to get the funding, but everything conspired against him and the coffee shop never really got off the ground. The series begins right when Alfonso cannot meet his debts and this will have serious consequences for his and his daughter's lives.
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