Horrid Henry: The Movie (2010)
93 mins
Adventure, Comedy, Family
Anjelica Houston, Kimberley Walsh, Mathew Horne, Parminder Nagra, Richard E Grant , Theo Stevenson
Nick Moore
Lucinda Whiteley
Lucinda Whiteley, Rupert Preston
United Kingdom
When Henry fails to hand in his homework for the umpteenth time, he has no idea that this will set off a chain of events which sees him trying to save the very school which he has always professed to hate – Ashton Primary! Wrongly framed for an act of sabotage against the redoubtable Miss Battle-Axe, Henry finds himself in the middle of a rigorous campaign by the visiting school inspectors to find reasons to close Ashton Primary down. A series of mishaps, not all of them Henry’s fault, add fuel to the fire and when Mum and Dad, urged on by Great Aunt Greta, decide to try out alternative schools, Henry and the Purple Hand Gang decide to act. But they haven’t reckoned without the machinations of Vic Van Wrinkle, headmaster of a rival school, who stands to gain hugely by Ashton’s demise, and so Henry’s plan, to win the Battle of the Bands and thereby convince the school inspectors that Ashton is worth saving, comes to nothing. It’s only when Peter (with the help of Miss Lovely) unmasks Van Wrinkle’s evil plan and Margaret persuades Henry to go against his most fundamental principles that Henry realises that sometimes you have to take what opportunities life throws at you, and if that involves the ultimate sacrifice of eating a vegetable, well, so be it! Featuring all the well known and well loved characters from the television series in a brand new live action 3D feature, Horrid Henry: The Movie will thrill and surprise fans as well as giving them an entirely new insight into the value of doing your homework!...more