Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
When a Texas cowboy is diagnosed with HIV / AIDS, he is determined to find a better treatment that does not poison the patient who takes it. When he finds a new way, thousands of people seek out his help, until he is met by government opposition.
117 min
Denis O'Hare, Griffin Dunne, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn
Jean-Marc Valee
Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack
Rachel Rothman, Robbie Brenner
United States
The action opens on RON WOODRUFF (30s), a bull-rider from Texas. He is a rugged, southern, conservative man from the south and when he is diagnosed with HIV, his hometown begins to question whether or not the man they thought they knew is gay. Ron’s friends turn their backs on him because of it. He seeks out medical attention and finds himself at DR. EVE’s (30s) practice. She prescribes him AZT, a highly potent drug that is the highest profiting drug in the United States. When Ron begins to experience the horrible side effects of AZT, he almost dies from the pain it causes his body. He takes himself off the drug and is determined to find a better treatment for himself. He travels to Mexico and a natural treatment that is illegal in the United States because it is not FDA approved. It is called Peptide T, an extract that is found in snake oil. Three weeks later, the nasty side effects he was experiencing from AZT are all gone and he is almost back to normal. He decides that he must do what he can to make this natural remedy available to sick people in the US. One of the people he helps (much to his own chagrin) is RAYON. Rayon is a cross-dressing transvestitve who has HIV and is also Dr. Eve’s other patient. Rayon’s side effects also subside after using Peptide T and the two men go into business together providing the illegal drug. Hundreds of sick people flood to the Dallas Buyer’s Club and the FDA has taken notice. Ron and Rayon begin to set up secret locations that Peptide can be purchased at and they are turning into rich men. After administering warrants, cease and desists notices, and threatening arrest, Ron is finally shut down by the FDA. Ron and Dr. Eve are absolutely staggered to find out the government does not want to fund the production and distribution of Peptide T. And now, counter research has been released to encourage people to administer the poisonous AZT to completely healthy men, women, and children as a “precaution”. In the end, Ron is the only man who is allowed to take Peptide T after taking it to the courts. Despite the proven side effects of AZT, the FDA is still administering it and has not approved the funding and research needed for mass distribution....more
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