Black Eyed Peas: The Beginning of the End (2012)
Black Eyed Peas: Beginning of the End
Biography, Musical
Thomas Gibson
Sherry Harris, Thomas Gibson
The Black Eyed Peas have been the most innovative hip hop group of the past 10 years—they have gone from being members of the underground rap scene in Los Angeles to some of the world's biggest stages. The group went through many musical changes in direction and they were nearly dropped by their record label for non sales until a little known singer named “Fergie” had a chance encounter with That meeting forever changed the group and solidified them as them as a unit. Since The Black Eye Peas started back in 1995 they have survived many eras of Hip-Hop, eventually engineering a music revolution by mixing elements from techno, house, and R&B to form the unique and distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable as The Black Eyed Peas....more
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