Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka (Chronicles of Changing Relationships) (2018)
196 x 30
Drama, Family, Romance
Mauli, a successful gynecologist, married to an equally successful pediatrician Abhas , is living in her small world with big dreams of their future . And then walks in Nandini ! Nandini, Mauli’s childhood friend, abandoned by her abusive husband, is offered shelter by Mauli and Abhas, only to find herself drawn to Abhas who is everything that she ever wanted in a husband. For Abhas , Nandini is the absolute opposite of his wife Mauli ,with her vulnerability, beauty and her stereotypical femininity. Life takes a turn as the simple admiration turns into fatal attraction and leads to an affair between them. Mauli discovers their affair and is shattered by the betrayal of the very two people she trusted. The relationship between Abhas & Nandini however is short lived with Abhas being guilt ridden and wanting to get back to his wife. But are things really going to be so simple ? Will they ever be able to push aside the baggage of the extra marital between them ?...more