Librarian 2, The (2006)
The Librarian 2
82 min
Action, Adventure, Comedy
Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart, Gabrielle Anwar
Jonathan Frakes
United States
Flynn's latest adventure begins with he receives an ancient Egyptian scroll with a mysterious symbol in the mail, only to return home to find a dark figure hiding in his apartment. Flynn is knocked unconscious and the scroll is stolen. Seeking answers to his attack, Flynn and Judson delve into the meaning of the symbol on the scroll, discovering that it was the seal of King Solomon, the wise ruler of Israel in 900 B.C. The scroll then must be the secret map to King Solomon's mines - a legendary labyrinth where the king kept his most prized possessions. And among the fabled treasure trove, an ancient book, known as the Key of Solomon, rumored to hold the power to control the underworld and to bend space and time....more
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