Sharks (3D) (2013)
Benjamin Eicher, Timo Joh Mayer
Benjamin Eicher, Los Banditos Films GmbH, Mark Langner, Ralph Stephan Dietrich, Rolf Pietsch, Stephan Giger
The shark, being at the center of many myths and legends is one of the most misunderstood animals of this planet. The lord of the ocean - beautiful, gigantic, playful, and dangerous with hundreds of stories about sharks. The white shark, the hammerhead shark or the whale shark can all be seen at at first-hand experience from the comfort of your TV, through the amazing shooting in stereoscopic 3D! Exception imagery depicts these amazing sea dwellers in a new and different way. Not as dangerous devouring fighting machines but rather as impressive wild survivalists and masters of the ocean, as they've been around long before dinosaurs. Enjoy one of the most exciting species in a never before seen adventure up close in 3D!...more