Dark Tourist (aka The Grief Tourist) (2013)
A man's obsession with serial killers leads him to the scene of a notorious murder, where his violent impulses erupt and his grip on reality deteriorates.
Drama, Thriller
Melanie Griffith, Michael Cudlitz, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Suzanne Quast
Suri Krishnamma
Frank John Hughes
Zachery Bryan, Frank John Hughes, Michael Cudlitz, Suzanne DeLaurentiis
Rick Matros
A provocative and chilling story of Jim Tahna, a graveyard shift security guard and avid grief tourist. In pursuit of this bleak and complex hobby, Tahna travels to a small town in California to visit places of intense human suffering and tragedy, rooted in the life of a 1960's serial killer with whom he is obsessed. His own fragile grip on reality slowly deteriorates as he encounters a sultry prostitute and a lonely waitress who threaten to unleash his darkest secrets and hidden desires. Told in a gritty, hypnotic and hauntingly dark style, Krishnamma exposes us to a twisted labyrinth inside the mind of a man in free fall. As Jim ultimately crumbles under the stress of his inner demons THE GRIEF TOURIST is brought to its brutal and shocking conclusion....more
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