Madagascar (3D) (2013)
Benjamin Eicher, Timo Joh Mayer
Benjamin Eicher, Los Banditos Films GmbH, Timo Joh Mayer
French, German
Madagascar! Island of laughing and life! Famous on account of the Disney movies going by the same name, is an island with exceptional and exotic plants and animals yet to be matched. The fourth biggest island, which is occasionally called the sixth continent due to its isolation lead to the creation of a very independent environment. Conditioned by its long lasting geographical isolation Madagascar is home to unique Fauna and Flora, with a high percentage of endemic species. Due to the lack of predators, monkeys and poisonous snakes on the island, extraordinary animal species like the funny lemurs were able to develop in a unique way. Take the incomparable nature and wildlife of Madagascar in 3D straight to your living room!...more