Crazy Kind of Love (2013)
A newly single mother relies on her son and his carefree girlfriend to rebuild her belief in love, even if it is the crazy kind.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Amanda Crew, Anthony LaPaglia, Eva Longoria, Sam Trammell, Virginia Madsen, Zach Gilford
Sarah Siegel-Magness
Karen McCullah Lutz
Bobbi Sue Luther, Gary Magness, Karen McCullah Lutz
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Life isn’t perfect. Love isn’t perfect. But, sometimes it takes a ‘perfect’ stranger to make it all OK. Augusta’s (Virginia Madsen, “Sideways”) world is turned upside down when her husband (Anthony LaPagila “Without A Trace”) leaves her for another woman (Eva Longoria “Desperate Housewives”). Nothing matters anymore. Augusta seeks refuge in the confines of her bedroom and refuses to come out. Her youngest son, Henry (Graham Rogers) is at a loss as to how to help his mother. He reaches out to his older brother (Zach Gilford “Friday Night Lights”) who comes home from Harvard for the summer. Jeff (Sam Tramell "True Blood"), an-easy going landscaper hires Henry as a day laborer and befriends his distraught mother. Meanwhile, a romance blossoms between Henry and the new girl in town, Betty (Amanda Crew “Sex Drive,” “Charlie St. Cloud”). Vivacious and carefree, Betty introduces Henry to a world filled with love and laughter and helps his family heal. She makes Augusta realize that the key to happiness can be found where she least expects it, and that there’s only one kind of love worth living for – a crazy kind....more
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