Jucy (2011)
Although their high school days are long gone, nothing much has changed for best friends Jackie and Lucy. They decide it's time to grow up and prove to themselves (as well as the world) they are normal adults. Jackie sets out to snag a boyfriend & Lucy goes after the job of her dreams... but will their newfound maturity drive an irreversible wedge between the pair?
Comedy, Drama, Teen
Cindy Nelson, Francesca Gasteen
Louise Alston
Stephen Vagg
Kelly Chapman, Louise Alston
Jackie and Lucy are best friends in their late 20s who work at a video store and spend all their spare time together reading magazines, smoking dope and dreaming about boys. Jackie has social anxiety disorder; Lucy’s overweight and hasn’t finished either of the university degrees she started. When they are accused of being in a womance (the female equivalent of a bromance, co-dependent, weird, incapable of having a normal life) they’re determined to prove to themselves and the world that they are normal adults. They set goals: Jackie will find a boyfriend and Lucy will find the job of her dreams. It seems they will both get their hearts desire when they learn their local theatre company is producing ‘Jane Eyre’. The star of the show is handsome Alex, Jackie’s dream guy, who always sleeps with one of his co-stars. Lucy’s acting aspirations are reignited – she is determined to be a movie star – and she encourages Jackie to audition with her. With the help of dorky Trevor, who likes Jackie, they’re both cast in the play. Jackie’s chances of dating Alex become a fantasy, and she makes some decisions about medication that might not be her own best interest. Lucy feels pressured by conservative sister Fleur who delivers an Ultimatum – if the play isn’t successful, Lucy will have to quit her video store job and join Fleur at a law firm. Stress builds and the Jucy relationship starts to break down. Things are brought to a head when Trevor sacks Lucy and replaces her with Jackie. The world’s greatest womance looks like it’s over. JUCY is about the changing nature of relationships in the 21st century, and in particular, the intense bonds between platonic couples... when friendships with emotional benefits can be more fulfilling than ‘normal’ relationships....more