Jim Henson meets Evil Dead!
Horror, Sci-Fi
Kenneth Cran
United States
The date is December 31st, 1999, and the whole world is bracing for the “Y2K crisis” to hit. Fearing a technological chaos that threatens civilization, the Haskin family flees to the mountain forests to escape. Little do they know, the horrors they will face in the mountains will dwarf any danger they would face in the city. Byron Haskin leads his new young wife, Joany, and his 18-year-old daughter Clarissa into the depths of the forest to the hoped-for isolation of Mason’s Grove, a ghost town Byron knows of from stories told by his grandfather. But while camping in the misty woods several miles from the abandoned town, the Haskins are abducted by the vicious Crawford clan and taken to their family homestead deep into the woods. Byron and Joany realize that the Crawfords plan on marrying Clarissa to their dominant male, Billa, for the purpose of enriching the hillbilly gene pool, as their own in-bred offspring have become increasingly deformed. Meanwhile, unknown to either the Haskins or the Crawford clan, crypto-zoologist, Roger Patterson, nears the object of his 17-year search. He has found evidence that hibernating beneath the forest floor is the “Millennium Bug,” a mythical creature that, legend has it, lives underground and only appears above ground every 1,000 years. Patterson’s research shows the Millennium Bug does exist, and will rise the night of the Y2K crisis, in Mason’s Grove! With the stakes higher than they could have imagined the Haskins try to escape their deranged hillbilly captors, while at the same time, the Millennium Bug bursts from its nest under the forest floor. After a thousand years underground, the beast is ravenous and makes no distinction between the Haskins and Crawfords--all are food for the Millennium Bug!...more