Inseparable (2011)
Li, defeated by a series of tragic events takes charge of his life with the help of his unconventional neighbor. Together they set out to right the wrongs of modern day society.
Comedy, Drama
Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu, Beibi Gong, Peter Stormare, Kenneth Tsang
Dayyan Eng
Dayyan Eng
David U. Lee, Dayyan Eng
Dana Brunetti, Jason Han, Kevin Spacey, Steve Squillante
China, United States
Chinese, English, Japanese


Motion Picture Association of America — Parental Guidance Under Thirteen
Modern day China is progressing at a rapid rate but Liʼs world has come to a complete stand still. After a series of tragic life events Li is burnt out. His beautiful but increasingly moody wife is never home, the unpaid bills are piling up and his work is pressuring him to lie for them at a public hearing, even his pet goldfish has given up on him. The only thing that makes sense is to end it all but he can't even do that right. Enter Chuck, Liʼs brash American ex-pat neighbour who takes Lee under his wing and encourages him to take control and stand up for himself. But is Chuck really who he says he is and what price will Li pay for this new found friendship?...more