Ballad of Jack and Rose, The (2004)
A father and his teenage daughter, Rose, live in an abandoned commune on an island off the coast of Canada. Rose has been sheltered from the modern world; however, when her father's new love and her two teenage boys come to live with them, Rose undergoes a sexual awakening with both liberating and devastating consequences.
96 mins
Daniel Day-Lewis, Camilla Belle, Catherine Keener, Beau Bridges, Paul Dano
Rebecca Miller
United States
Jack (Daniel Day-Lewis) lives on the site of his abandoned island commune with his 16-year-old daughter Rose (Camilla Belle). Since the breakup of the commune, Jack has sheltered Rose completely from the influences of the outside world, but now his fatal illness and Rose’s emerging womanhood pose troubling questions about the days ahead. A man who has lived a life motivated by environmentalism, Jack now rages at those who do not share his aesthetic, like developer Marty Rance (Beau Bridges), who is building a housing tract on the edge of his property. When Jack invites his girlfriend Kathleen (Catherine Keener) and her sons Rodney (Ryan McDonald) and Thaddius (Paul Dano) to live with them, Rose feels betrayed and the situation quickly becomes precarious. Rose acts out wildly, creating chaos. As everything flies out of control, Jack finds himself trapped in an impossible place and is forced to take action. Award-winning filmmaker Rebecca Miller (Angela, Personal Velocity) has created a powerful and poetic third feature about a man who has cut himself off from the world that refuses to live up to his ideals, and a young girl’s sensual coming-of-age....more