DeadTectives   (2018)
When a team of con-artist, reality-show ghost hunters are sent to Mexico’s most haunted mansion in a last ditch effort to save their ratings-starved show, they find themselves trapped and being hunted by a very real and murderous family of ghosts. Their show is at stake. Love is at stake. Their lives are at stake. They'll either learn to get real... or die.
Running Time:
Comedy, Horror
Cecelia Antoinette, Chris Geere, David Newman, José María de Tavira, Martha Higareda, Nuria Blanco, Tina Ivlev
Tony West
Chris Rice, David Clayton Rogers, Mark Riley, Tony West
Daniel Posada
Project Status:
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
United States
Subtitled In:
Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Ethel’s Cupcake Emporium is generally a happy place, but right now, at three in the morning… it ain’t. The three guys creeping around the shop are doing what they do best. Making a relatively harmless place feel creepy, scary, and dangerous. It’s good for ratings. Deadtectives is a reality show on the brink of cancellation. It’s about ghost hunters. But these guys have never encountered anything even kind of real. Which is just the way they like it. Sam Whitner is putting on his usual show for the camera. He’s all postures and pretend psychic ability. Lloyd Whitner, Sam’s brother and the completely unqualified technical advisor for the show, is using his home-cooked gadgets to feel out the room. And Javier, the resident “scientist” and smartass is spouting off facts about ghosts that he borrowed from Wikipedia. Meanwhile, in the makeshift control room, Kate, who is not only the show’s producer but also Sam’s fiancé, is trying to reassure a sweet, terrified, old Mabel that the guys are going to rid the shop of ghosts. But they don’t. A series of miscues, rigged bookshelves, and dime-store theatrics helps the team present the appearance of something ghastly in Mabel’s shop. With enough footage to cobble together an episode they leave behind a poor, quaking Mabel, now twice as messed-up as she was before they “helped” her. Cut to the Studio Executive’s office. He’s none to pleased. The guys are getting reamed for yet another terrible episode, and what’s worse, Kate agrees. In fact, she’s going to jump ship and go produce on another show. “A show that actually helps people,” she says. The next show will be her last, no matter what. Javier bids her good riddance; Sam begs her to stay. But the exec has already lined up a new producer, Abril, a paradox of punk and unbridled determination. And she’s lined up the location for their make-or-break final episode. They need a legitimate haunted house or the show’s going to fail, so she’s taking them to THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN ALL OF MEXICO!!! Throw in their new special effects expert Bob, a truly terrifying burn-out who’s lingering somewhere between this world and the next, and they’re (not) ready to go! Once at the estate in Mexico it’s not long before all hell breaks loose. As soon as the lights are off and the infrared cameras are rolling it turns out this house may in fact hold some horror for which our team of fakers are in no way prepared. With Kate roped in to produce one last episode, Sam sets out to show her that the team can actually help the haunted owners of this damned casa AND make a ratings-worthy show. But the ghosts that live in the house have other plans and it becomes quickly apparent this will be unlike any show they’ve ever done before. A show that some of them will not be surviving. Bleeding walls, phantom footsteps, and creepy childlike giggles merely set the stage for the imminent and grisly murder of Bob followed by Javier’s gruesome disembowelment. The surviving team, clued in to the fact that they’ve stumbled onto the “real deal” break for the doors. But they literally can’t get out. Run through the front door and you just spill right in from the back door. They’re trapped. And they’re being hunted. And they are COMPLETLEY UNQUALIFIED to actually engage with anything ghostly. Meanwhile, Javier wakes up from what he thinks was a really bad nightmarish moment. But when he sees his mutilated corpse on the ground next to him, he quickly realizes he’s now on the “other side”… A full fledged GHOST. What’s worse, his friends can’t see or hear him, and when he grabs Lloyd in desperation it sends them off in a panic towards the upper floor. It seems hopeless that he’ll ever be able to communicate with them… Until the two ghost children who haunt the estate teach him the way. Unfortunately that really infuriates their (also dead) mother, who’shell-bent on killing anything that comes near her dead children. So in a last ditch effort to warn his friends, Javier puts on a horrifyingly hilarious display of puppetry with his corpse to convey to the others that though he’s dead he’s not gone. With a ghost on their side and the team back together again, they try to hatch a plan to deliver themselves from the house and evil inside. Easier said than done. The ultimate evil within these doors is the Father. A hulking mass of ghostly menace who’s been using his razor-sharp sickle to kill everyone that sets foot in this house for over a hundred years, and he’s got pretty clear intentions not to break his streak. The team narrowly survives moment to moment as they try to piece together the mystery of this ghostly family before the patriarch can literally tear them all apart. Abril’s ambition gets the best of her and her effort to keep the bloody production rolling leads to her losing her mind. Moments before she loses her life. Score one more body for the Ghost Father. Lloyd, in a shocking turn of events, becomes the hero of the moment as his homemade ghost hunting contraptions prove to actually work. While Javier is forced to wear a bedsheet with holes punched out so that the others can keep track of his location. And Sam and Kate sideline their relationship fight for the fight for their lives. Through some Lloyd tech trickery they momentarily vanquish the bad guy and make it out of the house! Almost. In typical Sam fashion he saves himself and doesn’t realize till he’s standing on the lawn outside that Kate is still inside. And the doors are once again closed. So Sam, Lloyd, and Javier, our original three fakers, have to do what they’ve never done before: knowingly and willingly go fight some ghosts. After crashing back into the house of hell they find Kate in the basement, waiting… with the full fury of the ghost father INSIDE OF HER. Possessed and deadly, Kate thrashes Javier, Lloyd, and Sam while the Ghost Mother and Children dutifully look on. It turns out that a hundred years ago, when they were still very much alive, the mother was going to leave the father and take the kids with her. So he killed them all. And for a century since, he plays out the same scenario with the unwitting inhabitants of the house. And now, possessing Kate, he turns his deadly attention to Sam. No one can do a thing… …but maybe everyone TOGETHER can. Sam digs deep, and in his most selfless act tries to find the real Kate inside the possessed vomit and vitriol spewing demon. Javier accepts the truth of his condition and once he fully believes in his new dead self he finds some new dead abilities, and Lloyd banishes all the self doubt that others had piled on him through the years, to ready his weapons for one final blow. But the most crucial piece of the puzzle is the Mother, who, after a century of abuse and terror, and inspired by how the Deadtectives team has pulled together to protect each other, finally stands up for herself and her children. After Sam helps Kate expel the Father from within her the Ghost Mother runs him through with a pitchfork. Killing him. Again, apparently. Like, forever this time. Dead dead. It’s a big win all around. Having actually helped someone, Kate, Sam, Lloyd, and (dead but very effective) Javier set off to keep their new show on the air by truly seeking out the bad ghosts and making the world a little safer for everybody else. It’s good for ratings....more