Burying The Ex (2014)
When his dead possessive girlfriend comes back from the dead, Max is caught between the girl of his dream and the powerful, zombie who will stop at nothing to keep her boyfriend for herself forever.
89 min
Comedy, Horror
Alexandra Daddario, Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Oliver Cooper
Joe Dante
Todd Beverly
Carl Effenson, David Johnson, Mary Cybriwsky
United States
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$0 USD
Zack, mid-twenties, is into art-house zombie movies, works at Scary Mary’s Bootique and dreams to open his own occult and scary masks shop. He also has a very possessive girlfriend, Evelyn. Evelyn is vegan, jealous and intends to run Zack’s life according to her wishes. One of them is that they stay together forever. What was a sweet love story quickly turns into a nightmare for Zack, when he promises to always be with her, in the Scary Mary’s shop where a Satan Genie lamp stands (Make any want, wish or desire yours the evil way). Quickly after she moves in his apartment he realizes he is absolutely not happy with her. But just when he was about to break up with her she is run over by a bus and killed. Burdened by the guilt and grief, Zack slowly comes back to life thanks to his half-brother Travis who sends him to the midnight movies, where he meets Olivia, a sweet and funny girl. They start flirting, but this does not take in account Evelyn who suddenly comes back from the dead, even more jealous and possessive. Zack is baffled and has no idea what to do about her, and goes from one awkward situation to another caught between Olivia and Evelyn. He tries to kill her on Travis’ advice, to ask for a break, to escapes, but he is scared of his undead super strong girlfriend. Evelyn turns into a zombie, and kills and eats Travis before asking Zack to marry her. Left alone, Zack finally man up and confronts Evelyn when she kidnaps Olivia, planning to feat on her with him. Wrecking the all apartment, Zack and Olivia finally kill Evelyn (a sharp piece of vase in the brain). They bury the body back in its grave, they open the ice cream and occult shop of their dream and he eventually proposes her....more
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