Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale (2010)
Happily Ever After Is Just A Sony Away
95 min
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Teen
Ashlee Hewitt, Sterling Knight, Kiely Williams, Thomas Calabro
The Dunson Twins
John Dunson, Tony Distefano, Tina Treadwell, Sean Dunson
Once upon a time, Elle dreamed of becoming a famous singer, but everything changed when he rparents died. Now she's living in L.A. and trapped as an intern at her uncle's record label where the biggest act, Sensation, is also Elle's biggest pain. But all thet is about to change.... When Elle sneaks into the studio and accidentally runs into Ty Parker, the reigning Pop Prince, he not only mistakes her for the British star Kandi Kane, he also falls head over heels for her! There's just one little problem... Elle isn't the star she pretended to be and the real divas at the label will do anything to make sure she stays that way. Now her Prince Charming is on a quest to find the mystery girl withthe perfect voice. With a little help from her friends, Elle proves that sometimes dreams really do come true and happily ever after is just a song away....more
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