A vampire is secretly hired by the US government to battle Islamist terrorists.
Action, Horror
Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Christopher Lambert
United States
With the daily threat of terrorism, extreme measures must be taken to protect the world from destruction. This is why the President of the United States authorized the head of the CIA to create the Vampire Division, a covert operation that uses vampires to hunt and kill terrorists. A vampire is the perfect assassin--he can’t be killed by bullets and has no conscious about killing others. Of course, no one believes that vampires actually exist, much less can be used to fight terrorism. Everyone, that is, except for Rip, a police officer, who has spent his entire career hunting one particular Vampire. Rip has faced the Vampire many times, but has never defeated him. The Vampire asks Rip when he’s trying to kill him, as the Vampire is killing terrorists, but Rip feels it’s not their job to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Their job is to catch the bad guys, not kill them. The Vampire receives word that a terrorist cell lead by a man known as “Bob,” is attempting to acquire a nuclear bomb that would destroy the world. The Vampire’s assignment is to find Bob, dismantle his nuclear bomb, and kill him, if necessary, before it’s too late. The Vampire breaks into Bob’s lair and begins killing all the terrorists. Rip arrives soon after, and he decides it’s better to fight the terrorists with the Vampire rather than against him. A bomb detonates, almost killing Rip and a piece of wood pierces the Vampires heart, meaning he will die. Before the Vampire dies, he bites Rip, turning him into a vampire. The Vampire says that he has been training Rip to take the Vampire’s place when he died, that’s why he’s never killed him. Rip accepts his fate as a terrorist-fighting vampire, and his first order of business is killing Bob, which he does with pleasure. Rip will now live forever, fighting terrorists and evil-doers across the world....more