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Spotlight Pictures is a next-generation international sales agent of independent films. Founded on efficiency, transparency and effectiveness, Spotlight looks to take advantage of changing buying patterns and distribution pathways in global markets. The experience within the company has logged well over 25 years in the industry and maintains an impeccable reputation with the international community. Long established as one of the most successful distributors of genre product worldwide, Spotlight’s ambitions have moved it into the acquisition and sales of art house and theatrical product. Our main focus is to maximize revenue for our producers through theatrical, DVD, VOD, pay television and free television sales. To accomplish this, Spotlight Pictures attends every major film market and sells to 750 distributors in 50+ territories worldwide. Our clientele range from the US studios, to local conglomerates, multi-territory buyers, niche buyers and TV channels. If there is an international company that acquires independent motion pictures, you can rest assured that they are part of the Spotlight network. Spotlight understands that each film is unique and each producer deserves individual attention. When we represent your film you will receive a tailor-made sales strategy that will take into consideration the specifics of your film and overall goals. For this reason, we don't represent as many films as other sales agents and consider ourselves a boutique sales company rather than a high-volume operation, as is the case for most of our competitors. Spotlight's reputation for service is outstanding and our accounting is pristine. We pay like clockwork and have excellent ongoing relationships, and friendships, with our producers. We have the capacity to: Represent a completed film on an agency basis; Offer competitive MGs of completed films; Purchase rights of a completed film outright; Offer finishing funds to an incomplete film; Work with producers and equity investors to pre-sale qualifying films. Whatever stage your film may be in, one thing remains true, we are looking to become involved with the most talented and passionate filmmakers in the business.

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