Changing Habits (1996)
95 mins
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Christopher Lloyd, Dylan Walsh, Moira Kelly, Shelly Duvall, Teri Garr
Lynn Roth
Teagarden Pictures, Inc.
United States
Soosh (Moira Kelly) is a rebellious young woman who doesn’t want to come to terms with some gruesome realities of her past. She’s estranged from her father, Theo (Christopher Lloyd), a well-known painter whom she blames for the suicidal death of her mother, and lives rent free at a rundown convent. She fends for herself which sometimes means stealing whatever she needs for the one thing she loves: painting. One night she stumbles upon a boarded up chapel that hasn’t been used for years. It becomes her own secret hideaway and it is there where she begins to paint her mural. She’s stealing paints and brushes when the store owner, Felix (Dylan Walsh) catches her in the act. Somehow he’s intrigued by her beauty and feistiness. He makes a deal with her: jail or dinner. Dinner turns out great. They like each other and she’s enticed that he lives on a boat. But just when she’s about to let herself feel something for him, she pulls back and bolts. Felix finds out the truth about her mother – how in a drunken state she drove off a cliff with her daughter in the car trying to kill them both. It’s a reality Soosh doesn’t want to face. It’s just easier to hate her father... because he’s still alive. Soosh knows she has to move on, the mural is helping. Her first step though is to show up at Felix’s boat to “try to give this romance thing” a try....more