Florentine, The (1998)
104 mins
Comedy, Drama
Chris Penn, Hal Holbrook, James Belushi, Luke Perry, Mary Stuart Masterson, Michael Madsen, Tom Sizemore, Virginia Madsen
Nick Stagliano
United States
The Florentine is a story of a group of young men all searching for their place in this world, just trying to get by, survive, find love and happiness. For two weeks, five men try to hold it all together while preparing for a wedding! Bobbie (Chris Penn) is a not so great bookie who loses his girlfriend and almost loses his life to the bad guys who really run the town; Whitey (Michael Madsen), who almost loses his business because of some debt his father left unpaid in the past; Frankie (Luke Perry), a complete idiot, almost wrecks Molly’s (Virginia Madsen) wedding when he steals some money to invest in a con man’s scheme; and Truby (Jeremy Davies), the desperate man of the group who’s always looking for love in the wrong places. And there’s Teddy Finn (Tom Sizemore), who reappears back in town years after standing up our bride to be. Wrapped around these friends, you meet the old community drunk (Hal Holbrook) who tells tall tales and in the end becomes the hero who saves the day. Then there’s the toughest, baddest man in town, and of course the small-time con-man who’s just passing through. And where there are men, there are the women – Molly, the beautiful bride-to-be; Vicki (Mary Stuart Masterson), with the ungrateful boyfriend; and Claire, the sexy but elusive waitress. The characters in the Florentine Bar give us a comedic yet dramatic look at hopes and dreams in the 90s....more