National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers (2003)
Lady Killers
Chris Owen, Louise Lasser, Nikki Schieler Ziering, Renee Taylor, Will Friedle
Gary Preisler
Gary Preisler, Michael Canale
Amy Greenspun, Don Ashley, Gary Preisler
Cal (WILL FRIEDLE) and Lenny (CHRIS OWEN) are two young con men who dream of the fabled good life that includes big bucks, cool parties, fast cars and women (more specifically, dream girl NIKKI SCHIELER ZIERING). After a string of failed robbery attempts including a purse snatching that goes terribly wrong, Cal and Lenny turn to gold digging and scheme to marry the aging and inseparable Mundt sisters, Doris (LOUISE LASSER) and Betty, (RENEE TAYLOR), who the boys met in a failed robbery attempt. While courting the women in hopes of inheriting their Beverly Hills estate, the boys learn that the sisters fortune came from their fathers innovative use of a sausage casing back in the 20s, which resulted in the first condom. Within weeks the couples are wed, culminating in a most memorable honeymoon night. Unbeknownst to Cal and Lenny, the Mundt sisters are destitute and have only married them so that they can knock off their young suitors and collect on the generous life insurance policies. Once the honeymoon is over and Cal and Lenny find themselves in hell even sharing one bed with the eccentric sisters, Cal comes to the awful realization that Betty and Doris are in much better shape than he ever imagined, and they wont be dying any time soon. If they are ever going to inherit the estate and wind up with the life they have so badly dreamed of, they will have to speed up the process. What ensues is a series of botched murder attempts as the boys try to get rid of the ladies, and vice versa. After an explosive climax in which each couple blows their shared king-seized bed to smithereens with double barreled shotguns, neither realizing that they are doing it at the same time, the foursome team up and together and badly attempt to rob the sisters crazy Uncle Walt (Rudy DeLuca), who has controlled their multi-million dollar trust for years. With Cal leading the way, the home invasion robbery does not go off as planned and slowly deteriorates into a string of comical mishaps which culminates in a ten foot steel safe being dragged through Walts home. In the end, Cal and Lenny, Betty and Doris wind up getting exactly what they had hoped for, but the journey is what matters most....more